Weird key combination


I’m new to WhatPulse (5 days user only), but I must admit that so far, I’m not impressed. As a starter, when I went to your website for support, it said to go to the forum… without providing a link to said forum. From my online WhatPulse account… also no link to your forum. I had to google search to find it :|.

This being said, as I was told that my free premium trial would end soon, so I though I’d take a look at how I was doing so far. Very quickly I noticed weird things that make me doubt the accuracy of the data:

I am using an “old” (circa 1999?) Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard.

1- Looking at the heatmap, It says I have ZERO click on the Windows key and the “Enter” on the keypad, but I know for a fact that I use those keys quite a bit. Looking at the “key” table, it does list 440 entries for the num enter.

2- I see an “Unknown” key in the key table… how can I debug this?

3- Looking at the Key Combination table, the app clearly report wrong combinations. I do not use the win+space, nor the win+backspace (nor tens of other key combinations listed).

I tried a search in the forum and noticed others were seeing the same problems (some dating over a year ago), but I did not see a solution. See:


First, I’m curious on which page you were when it said to post to the forums. As the “Contact Us” page is the only one I know of that mention that and it links here. Also the “Support” menu has the forums listed in it.

As for your points;

  1. It doesn’t say you have 0 keys, it says nothing at all and they’re white instead of coloured. The location of the Windows keys are not filled out because they are not specifically reported to the client (left or right), which makes it not possible to accurately count them.

  2. Those are extra keys (like media keys) which are not default.

  3. The key combinations are being looked at, in some instances the windows key finds itself important enough to form any combination. :wink: