[Web Tool] WhatPulse Stats

Currently overhauling everything and adding several new stats, better layout and a local leaderboard/overall stat collection stats

You can preview it here: http://4.boomcraft.co.UK
NOTE: Not all features will be active all the time as this updates live.

This looks great! I really like the new layout. I appreciate the time/effort you’ve put into this. Thanks a bunch!

Yep, very cool looking. I like grid based layouts so this works brilliantly for me on the visual side of things.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

You’ve also both highlighted a bug I was unaware of. Apparently something bugs out with accounts older than 2000 days (maybe less?) and just displays “2”.

Fixed the bug.

Just to make you aware that the domain has now expired.


Domain is expired. ^

Here is a link to the beta version, which is still accessible.

Domain expiry of *.jamesharris.net was intentional. This tool was the only thing still stuck on that old domain that hasn’t yet been moved over to *.wopian.me.

Beta version (4.boomcraft.co.uk) is the latest version from 2014 and I’ve updated the OP to link to it instead. It’ll probably be redone entirely to coincide with other projects i’m rebooting some time in 2016.

Just came across this and I like the interface a lot.
Great work, it looks beautiful on the Mobile as well.
This just reminded me that I should get back to pulsing, since I’ve been away for a while.