Web API: Daily Totals (Keypresses/Clicks)

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking for the best way to get my daily stats (keypresses/clicks) over the Web API in a reliable way.

As far as I’ve seen there is currently only an option to get the results for a time period over the pulses function - the user function doesn’t support start/end parameters (that would make it very easy). So I’m wondering what’s the best way to get the daily stats for my user?

An approach I think should work is pulsing at least daily and then use the pulse function (e.g. http://api.whatpulse.org/pulses.php?user=username&format=json&start=1568505600&end=1568591999) to get the pulses and sum the amount of keypresses/clicks). But that’s IMHO an ugly approach as this contains a lot potential for errors no matter what approach of auto-pulsing I would use.

As this seems at least for me not such a uncommon target, I hope that others already solved this problem with a reliable/easy approach.

Best and thanks in advance,