Wacom bamboo one tablet mileage


I have been using whatpulse for about 1,5 years now and never had any problems.

But now a problem has occured, whenever i draw something with my Wacom Bamboo One drawing tablet(got it few days ago) Whatpulse creates a large amount of Kilometers/Miles, every long line i draw is about 0.01 kilometer.

As i dont want to get a ban or something, is there a way to fix this?

There isn’t a fix for this issue and you’ll just havet to disable milage until there is.

I would like to let you know that I also have this problem. I have a wacom tablet built into my tablet pc, and it also has a capacitive touchscreen. Both the pen and touch have the same issue. Comparing a mouse movement distance to a pen movement distance, the mouse registers .5 meters while the pen registers ~40 meters.

Just want to let you know there are others with tablets that have mileage messed up. And I did turn off distance monitoring to avoid erroneous cheating allegations.

I highly doubt any of the admins here would ban you over the mileage, of all things. I doubt that it even counts towards you ranking. If it does… then, seems kinda silly, to me.

I just upgraded to version 1.7 and that fixes the mileage problem. Now it accurately records the distance when I write using the pen or touch. (Too bad my stats from before are messed up. (and I don’t really want to reset this computer’s stats) But nothing that can be done for that now.)

Also note, the “version checker” in said that it was the most up to date despite 1.7 being available.

The version checker is screwy. And we tend to send emails to alert for new updates. As for getting banned over mileage…I only do it in very rare cases and they would have to be blatantly do it and continue to do it after being warned to stop.