Wacom Bamboo and Windows 7 Ultimate

Hello. I have a Wacom Bamboo Fun CTE-650K Tablet and Windows 7 Ultimate running on my Toshiba NB200 PLL25A - 00C002 Netbook. Whatpulse is registering the metres moved, but it is not detecting any clicks or taps that I perform. Is there a way that I can get whatpulse to detect this, or is it just tough luck? The tablet it my preferred choice over the mouse, but it would be nice if whatpulse would register the clicks and taps. I do have the wacom drivers installed and windows, bamboo drivers, and whatpulse are all the latest versions.

Any help appriciated greatly.

You have to change a setting from something to something else. I think it’s like, from pen to mouse or something… can’t remember.

Doubt that’ll help but hopefully you’ll figure it out :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this in windows? Because ive throughly looked through whatpulse and there isnt anything about pen or mouse

Nono, I mean settings in the tablet settings not WP. :wink:

Ive tried all the different settings in the tablet app but whatpulse still isnt registering any of the taps or clicks performed…

Can’t help you then sorry! I remember other threads in the forums, if you wanna try and search for them, but I don’t know where.

Ok, Thanks for your time bobL. Someone else may hopefully know though. I will have a look through the forums again however.

If you go into control panel then Pen Tablet property’s there is a small section called Pen mode or mouse mode. Mouse mode will track clicks, pen mode won’t.

Mouse mode is slightly harder to control, but I’m sure you will get the hang of it.

Thanks Petchy, but I have already tried mouse mode with a million other sub settings and WP still isnt picking them up…

Gotta ask a silly question… Is mouse click tracking enabled in WhatPulse?

Yes the click tracking is enabled. However it is also missing some of the clicks with my logitech mouse… This is fixed by restarting whatpulse. Ive also set whatpulse to startup and run as administrator and use XP SP2 as compatibility mode too, and im out of ideas how to fix this.

Well there is a known issue where WhatPulse will simply stop recording clicks and/or keys in Windows 7 and it’s not related to a specific brand or type of input device and I should have that fixed in 1.7 (I’m using Windows 7 too so that makes it even more of a priority :P). So good news there is it’s not just you.

However if the pen/mouse mode thing doesn’t work in the tablet settings then I’m really not sure what else can be done sorry!

Just a quick question: Did your tablet work properly with WhatPulse in XP or Vista?

XP and Vista Predate the tablet sadly… Ive only had it a week

Alright. Are you able to test it on an XP/Vista computer at all? If you are, that’d be great!

Sorry, I havent got any other operating systems to test it on at the moment. And included with my tablet was a mouse that works similar to the pen, and whatpulse it counting the clicks from that. Sorry for the very late reply, ive been chaotically busy with assessments lately