Waacom Bamboo

Some time ago I switched my ordinary mouse for a trackball to prevent RSI. Last week I switched the trackball for tablet pen because i started to feel my thumb. Im very happy with my new gadget, but the clicks from my pen dont register in Whatpulse… The movement is picked up btw.

I’m using windows Vista, is there anyway that Whatpulse can register these clicks?

I don’t think that anyone has ever tried using a tablet pen with Whatpulse before :s, could you try using the tablet pen with a different OS (XP for example) just to see if it works. Then you will at least know if it’s Vista that’s the the problem or not?

I have used it, but did not bother to check if clicks calculated. I’ll plug it in later and try.


Works fine on my Wacom… I’m on XP though.

If you go into control panel then Pen tablet properties, under the tracking section select Mouse mode. Unfortunately it does make tracking less accurate, you probably won’t be able to draw with your tablet but Whatpulse will keep track mouse clicks. It might get some getting use to as well.

Im running windows 7 and whatpulse isnt picking up any of my pen clicks/taps. Ive switched between pen and mouse mode from the wacom control panel app, and from there tries about 50 different settings and I cant get it to detect the clicks…

Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit, Retail version
Whatpulse v
Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen CTE-650