Version 4.0 deleted my old database

Hello, I just installed the newer version and my old database is gone, 4 or 5 years of statistics and I do not have any recent backup (I never had any problems updating). The app prompted to select a database to import (or something like that), but the list was empty and after that I checked the app files and there is a new database file with a very small size.

Can I download anything from the servers to partially recover my db? Everything is pulsed.

Hi DalekCaan, did you upgrade from 3.x? If so, did you select “Yes” when asked to delete your local stats when uninstalling the 3.x client? The message indicated that that will remove your local database and stats and that there’s no recovery from that…Unless you create backups of your computer and can restore from those, or used the online backup feature with Premium, there’s no coming back from that.

Yes, I upgraded from 3.x. My bad then. I thought that it was a minor update and I could just press next and next and so on. After all I only lost the heatmap and those stats like “on 3rd of June you pressed the most keys”, everything else was pulsed and appear on the “overview” tab.

Sorry about that, still isn’t fun :frowning:

The 4.0 installer doesn’t remove the local files like the 3.x installer does, so hopefully other people won’t come across this anymore.