Version 2.0.2 expected?

Hi, I have been waiting for weeks now to get the new version 2.0.2 that will solve my windows 7 start up crash problem. It has been reported several times that version 2.0.2 will solve a lot of problems.

When is this version coming? At the moment I am wondering why I installed whatpulse in the first place. Loved it, now it just irritates me.

I understand that there are a lot of bugs in the new software.
But releasing problem solving versions in between will make a lot of people happier. instead of now trying to do the right software development thing and do a full test.

thank you for your reply.

It’s been just two weeks, so you’re technically right about saying “waiting for weeks” - but it’s just been two. WhatPulse is not a full time operation with a team of engineers behind it, it’s mostly done next to a normal workweek so yeah, things can take longer that way.

That being said, most of the known issues have been solved (for as far as I can reproduce them) and we’re close to putting 2.0.2 online. Either this week or early next week.

And I can assure you we did a full test, we did one for 3 months with around 125 people using it. Unfortunately, either these people did not have any of these problems that have surfaced since 2.0, or it was not reported. All the issues being posted did not effect my personally and they never popped out during our own tests.

So yeah, it sucks balls that these these issues exist, but we’re working on it!

Dear Martijn,

Thank you for your reply.
Looking forward to the new release :smiley:

Maybe post a sticky post with what you have done and what you still need to do before the new version gets released?
This way people get the impression that they have been hear and you guys are working on the problems.

This will work like a progress bar for a very long task.
At the moment there is no real feedback on what the people of whatpulse are doing. Giving the feedback will make people more patient for the new release.

just my 2 cents.

Updated the known issues thread with fixed/open.

Maybe you could add the issue of the network traffic numbers being incorrect to that list?