v2.0 client pulse ?

Why for security reasons, once you have pulsed from a 2.0 client, you cannot pulse from version 1.* any more ?


v2.0 becomes very large size?

I how know the new features is suitable to me ?


Anything you don’t want, you can turn off. As stated in earlier forum posts, the earlier clients can run next to the new client - making it possible to double ones stats. The website detects that and disables pulsing for the earlier clients.

Not good…

I in WhatPulse Forums » Support » Website post the article why was deleted ???

No idea what you mean, please try different english.

1.我在 WhatPulse Forums » Support » Website 的文章為什麼被刪除?

2.為什麼用了 v2.0 client, v1.x 就不能用?

3.可以把 http://whatpulse.org/stats/users/273594/normal 301 轉址 到 http://whatpulse.org/stats/users/273594 嗎?