user_parse.php how to display value i want?

ive been racking my head around this for hours.

how do i just display a users clicks only? i cant think strait and separate all the variables.

got it. :slight_smile:

only took me 40minutes to figur it out. :roll:
$WP_stats = new WP_stats;

$uid = 288772;

$user = $WP_stats->get($uid);
$id = (int) $user->UserID;
$GeneratedTime[$id] = $user->GeneratedTime;
$AccountName[$id] = $user->AccountName;
$Country[$id] = $user->Country;
$DateJoined[$id] = $user->DateJoined;
$Homepage[$id] = $user->Homepage;
$LastPulse[$id] = $user->LastPulse;
$Pulses[$id] = (int) $user->Pulses;
$TotalKeyCount[$id] = (int) $user->TotalKeyCount;
$TotalMouseClicks[$id] = (int) $user->TotalMouseClicks;
$TotalMiles[$id] = $user->TotalMiles;
$AvKeysPerPulse[$id] = (int) $user->AvKeysPerPulse;
$AvClicksPerPulse[$id] = (int) $user->AvClicksPerPulse;
$AvKPS[$id] = (int) $user->AvKPS;
$AvCPS[$id] = (int) $user->AvCPS;
$Rank[$id] = (int) $user->Rank;
$TeamID[$id] = (int) $user->TeamID;
$TeamName[$id] = $user->TeamName;
$TeamMembers[$id] = $user->TeamMembers;
$TeamKeys[$id] = (int) $user->TeamKeys;
$TeamClicks[$id] = (int) $user->TeamClicks;
$TeamMiles[$id] = $user->TeamMiles;
$TeamDescription[$id] = $user->TeamDescription;
$TeamDateFormed[$id] = $user->TeamDateFormed;
$TeamRank[$id] = (int) $user->TeamRank;
$RankInTeam[$id] = (int) $user->RankInTeam;

echo $TotalMouseClicks[$id]; // Change to desired value wanted.[/php]