Uptime Stat Is Only Partially Pulsed

I’ve encountered a bug with the uptime stat being partially pulsed under some circumstances.

My internet connection went down for a while today, and my accumulated uptime rose to about 9 hours and 50 minutes.

I restarted my computer after my Internet connectivity was restored, and autopulse kicked in, but it only pulsed 6 hours of uptime. I still had 3 hours and 50 minutes of unpulsed uptime, which is still accurate, but I would have preferred that it pulsed all of it…

Since I tend to pulse frequently, this will look strange when my 23:00 autopulse is triggered.

Screenshot here

What are your autopulse settings like?

Autopulse is set to trigger at:
10,000 keys or clicks
1024 MB download or upload
After 6 hours of uptime
Autopulse at 23:00 every day

So it did exactly what you set it up to do? :wink:

The reason for it not to pulse all of the uptime, is because most people want to pulse exactly what they set it to, to make their pulses nice and round.

Fair enough, I’ll adjust my settings to something more reasonable. Thank you for the quick response.