uptime missing time

some time is lost during day:
with mini pulsed last time yesterday @ 10:55
mini is not turned off/logged out since last pulse and current pulsed uptime is 23h 13 min so there is a gap, why?

client 2.0.1
win8 32 bit

I seem to be having the same issue.

My current work machine only has around 16 hours a day, not 24?? (Only ever locked, never shutdown/logged off)

client 2.0.1
Ubuntu 64bit

Any one else having this problem or could shed some light?


Look at my pulses → attached file.

I run WhatPulse continuously. You can see during that “1h uptime” pulses over 1.5 hours had passed. And the other pulses as well - check uptime and difference time between the pulses - are all wrong.

Seems to me that the client is trying to count the seconds by timer and not using actual time differences. And if you count 3,600 times even a little wrong, say e.g. 0.9999s per second, that error cumulates.

Got the same issues, varying between the pulsed time being almost accurate and being nearly 50% off (like 13h instead of 24h!).

Mileage varies by OS and load of the system - it seems as if the system has more load, less time is recorded!
Hypothesis by a long shot: Some part of the stack (either measurement or writing/reading of a “I’m still alive”-file (or registry entry) - which might be used to check if the system went to standby and back to not count the time in between) is done with a very low process priority so it might wait for a certain time for execution and introduces the difference that way…

2.0.2 should fix this: http://whatpulse.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=2420