Uptime Display

I’m not too keen on the way that Uptime is displayed.

This looks too messy to me, for example 1y3m2w4d3h27m33s, just too much information for my liking. Would be better if the months and weeks were dropped IMHO. So we’d have 1y109d3h27m33s (months are fairly meaningless anyway as they vary in length)


it’s nice to have a lot info :wink: I like it this way

I’m with JetSet on this one.

1m is not 4w

which means

1y is not 52w

Basically, you get to 4w2d23h59m59s, then you are on 1m
If it was simply 30d23h59m59s to 31d, it would make more sense.

But I’ll play devil’s advocate, and say a year is not 365d if you want to count leap years.

Current U.S uptime is 6y12m1d2h59m13s, doesn’t make sense really.