Upload/Download not being tracked properly

Hi, there is something wrong with my upload/download stats, as you can see here http://i.imgur.com/yHfQeOD.png
The stats are there, but i’m not able to pulse it. I logged out accidentally about an hour ago with about 400gb down that I thought would be in my all time stats, but it turned out it was never pulsed.

Are there any way to solve this?

If you logged out and did not pulse before doing so, then you lose those stats. There is a warning within the client letting you know of this when you click the Logout button stating that all local statistics will be reset. Always pulse before logging out. Stats are not recoverable.

That’s not the problem, it says Unpulsed 0kb down, 0kb up all the time, even though the client still tracks network data, I can’t pulse the stats.

Do you have Winpcap installed? It’s required for network statistics to be pulseable.

Yes, but I reinstalled it and that fixed the problem, thanks!