Updating Issues

Everytime that whatpulse needs to update. I get an error where it says it cant find the updater.exe. If I try to run the updater manually, I get this

What am I doing wrong?

In-app updater can’t find updater.exe.

updater.exe appears to update, but when it restarted, it was the older version.

When I quit and execute updater.exe or whatpulse.exe manually, I get the two following errors:


This is on Windows 7 64-bit. I had the same problem with Windows XP 32-bit.

Seriously, who tests this stuff?

Same here :frowning:

Win 8, 64 bit, WP 2.2.0

This happens when you’ve been running the beta. Just reinstall from http://whatpulse.org/downloads/ and you’re set.

I’ll try this, but i do not running any beta, as described in the post above.

On another PC (WinXP, 32bit) i’m getting the message, that updater.exe not found. Starting the updater manually, i get the same error message as described above :frowning:

download and install by hand works