Unable to pulse

I’m unable to pulse my keys. When I click “Pulse!” nothing happens.
I’ve tried restarting WhatPulse, restarting my computer, enabling double-click pulse and using that, and nothing works.
I’d really rather not reinstall and lose all these keys, does anyone know a fix?
Oh, and I’m on Vista, and the program is running as admin.

How many keys are you trying to pulse?
What’s your account name?

There’s a limit as to how many keys per second it will accept - if you go over a hidden number, it won’t take your pulse. However, it’s supposed to give you an error message when that happens. Sometimes, though, it doesn’t.

(And I’m not sure if that’s what’s going on - hence the follow-up questions)

My account name is Sara` (ID 225670) and I’m trying to pulse a little over 400k keys.
I’m not getting an error message; occasionally it will turn to that green circular icon, and I’ll have to end the process, but that’s the only “error” I’ve gotten (and it doesn’t seem to be doing that anymore).

I have the same problem. I have three different profiles and two off them won’t pulse. I logged off today from one of the profiles and get even get the profile back on because the server can’t be reached.

I use two profiles at home: laptop and desktop and although they use the same adsl, only one of them can pulse.

Maybe nice to know: the two XP pc’s won;t pulse, I’ve got no problem with Vista.
I use the newest 1.5. Even downloading again won’t stop the hurting.


I am also having this problem. Right now it’s at 133,000 keystrokes and 86,600 cli8cks since last pulse. Help!

Where is your third profile used at Troel? And can you please explain which ones exactly pulse?

Also, same to you PsyKat.


My profile at work seems to be hanging when trying to pulse, might be a windows XP problem as my client at home works fine and I have Vista business at home. I’m gonna update the client in work with the new version tomorrow and see if that fixes the problem! Will let you know.

[quote=Century0]Where is your third profile used at Troel? And can you please explain which ones exactly pulse?

Also, same to you PsyKat.


I have a desktop profile at home for my desktop, a laptop profile for my laptop and they both pulse now. But my office profile still can’t find the server.


desktop: Vista, no proxy, pulsing
laptop: XP, no proxy, pulsing
office: XP, no proxy, NOT pulsing (can’t find server, but there is NO proxy here)

After installing 1.6 at work, my profile office is pulsing! Happy me :slight_smile:
(Too bad the strokes from 1.5 weren’t pulsed, I miss like 30k there :’) )

I did his today and it did work I could pulse, but it did hang again just before I left the office, wasnt too bad as I had only a couple hundred clicks/keys recorded. Seems to be an intermittent bug, will be a hard one to recreate. Good luck with that!

My only account is on my only computer, so it’s just the one that isn’t pulsing.

Now it is at 92k keystrokes, 34k clicks and 5 miles.

long time since i’ve been on this forum :stuck_out_tongue:

I you are using 1.5 I think there is a .wpw file somwhere that stores key clicks and mouse clicks, you could try creating a backup of this file before re-installing whatpulse 1.5 and copying the backup .wpw file back to the installation directory. That should work, but you then may be faced with an error relating to trying to pulse too many keys too quickly.

If you’r using 1.6 client then i’m not sure where key/mouse clicks are stored so I can’t offer any help…

Anyhow hope that helps :slight_smile: and if not… bummer