Unable to pulse

There is a simular post but it is about a diffrent problem.

As the Title says i am unable to pulse and i had the problem about 2 years back which made me uninstall whatpulse again and since then i did not use it any further. Now i wanted to see if things got fixed but they did not.

The problem is every time i try to pulse i get the message: “Server message: Your savefile seems to be corrupted, please reset your locat settings.”

When i try to reset those settings using the “Account → Reset Token → Reset Token” option i always get the same error message again and the file is NOT deleted. I dont know why whatpulse belives the file is corrupted but being unable to delete it makes me wonder what the sense of this option is if it is not working at all. Im not fency to delete the files manualy so if you cant come up with a solution that does not include to delete any file by hand then whatpulse still is far from being usable imo.

OS is Win7 64 and yes what pulse got admin rights …

Reset your account (Logoff Account), don’t reset the token. That should do it.

Now i cant login again since the login button always is greyed out no matter if i enter the correct account details or not. The autologin does not work anymore either.

There is no ‘autologin’ ? You need to press the button ‘Check for Computers’ after entering your username/password in the dialog, then select a computer and the continue button will turn active.

There has to be an auto login since the first few times i did not need to enter a username/password after starting my Computer and whatpulse still was logged in. Anyway i did read the manuals and did everything as described, still i am unable to login since the login button is greyed out.