Unable to pulse after changing computer's name on the website.

I had chosen to use a name that was in Finnish for my computer but when i looked at its name on the website, the name didn’t show as it should have. I know that it was because the name had a couple of "ä"s in it and that is one of the symbols we use in Nordic countries(and i guess ä and ö are used in some other countries as well, but they don’t belong to the English alphabet, at least).

So i changed the name into English and used marks and letters that were allowed and saved the new name. The website shows the new name correctly but when i go to the WhatPulse Client and click the “Pulse!” button, it gives me an error.

The pop-up window’s title says “Error while pulsing! - WhatPulse” and the message in it goes “Account or computer unknown! Did you register?”. I have registered and had pulsed once, sort of as a test, when i had the old computer name in use. So, so far that is my only pulse as i can’t pulse my newer unpulsed clicks and keypresses and other information. :frowning:

Does anyone know how to solve this problem? :S

As for the extra information that might be helpful(or was at least suggested to be told in the message, according to the post that should be read before opening a thread here):

  1. I’m using WhatPulse 2.4 Client.

  2. The OS is Windows 7 Home Premium, 32-bit, with Service Pack 1 installed.

  3. I’m not running WhatPulse as Administrator, or logged in as it.

  4. The error message i’m receiving i already described earlier in this message.

  5. I’m running Avast and Ad-Aware as anti-virus but i don’t think that they would be interfering with WhatPulse.

  6. I think i don’t need to take screenshots. Unless if it is necessary for the solution to be found.

I hope somebody will know or find a solution soon so i can continue pulsing. ^^

On the client overview tab, click the button that says “reset token” and it should fix your problem - you might have to restart WhatPulse

OK, i just tried resetting the token but it gave me another error message which can be seen in the wp_reset.png. Also, feels sad that i probably will lose the data which’s overview can be seen in wp.png. :frowning:

Hmm… i wonder if logging out of WhatPulse and then logging back in would help solve the problem? I’ll try that next.

Hmm… i logged out and in and chose to use the new name, which was on the dropdown list. Now it’s working. Even though i lost quite a lot of unpulsed data. :S

But i rather lose them than have to suffer from not being able to pulse. Thanks Wopian!, if not for solving the problem, then for at least responding and trying to solve it. :slight_smile:

No problem, glad you got it working again :smiley:

when you change your nickname on the website, you also have to ligin again with the client using your new username.

Otherwise the statsserver wont detect that you are using the new username…

ow i c you found it ;;

When you change your username, you do not have to login again. We don’t have that same ‘feature’ for computers, as usually, computer names don’t change unless you reinstall it. :wink:

Tip for others: change the computer name back for a bit, pulse then logout and change your computer name. You don’t have to lose a pulse that way.