[Ubuntu] Simple way to run WP at start-up

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Is there a simple way to run WhatPulse automatically at start-up in Ubuntu 12.04 (LTS)? I’ve tried putting it in “Settings => Startup Applications” but then WhatPulse complains it isn’t able to find a tray bar and stops. Also, it would have to run with root permissions (doens’t seem to be able to capture any keys otherwise).

Thanks in advance!

you need to add whatpulse to your whitelist for tray. install unsettings and add it using that GUI, the command line is a pain cause there’s no append and the whitelist already has entries. The whitelist config is in the Panel tab of unsettings

Give this a shot to fix the start problem…
Change your command in startup manager, replacing your location with where it actually resides on your computer, to this:

sh -c "sleep 15 && /home/username/Documents/whatpulse"

As for the root permissions, there’s an sh script around here somewhere that will set everything up for you. Go here: http://http://jmrk.whatpulse.org/
and get the setup permissions file, you don’t have to run it as root.


All is working perfectly well now. I didn’t alter the tray whitelist because WhatPulse ran fine when I opened it manually, so the whitelist wasn’t the problem. The weird thing is that now suddenly WhatPulse added itself to my Startup list (I ran it a few times before, weird that it didn’t do this before). The Startup entry is the same as the one I created except for the “onstartup” parameter which was added, probably this also fixes the problem with the tray.

So, in short, in order to have it run at startup (without having to go into init.d and all) you have to add this to your “Startup applications”:
/home/username/whatpulse onstartup

The permissions script indeed gave my user permissions to read the input devices so now I’m able to run WhatPulse without being root. Also, for those who stumble upon this topic at a later date, Bjarno posted a script that installs (and sets correct permissions for the network device as well, which the earlier mentioned permissions script doesn’t do) WhatPulse all for you:

You shouldn’t need to do anything, WP has an option to auto-start…

The new client comes with its own script now, packaged with the download.

Thanks, it works on Mint 15!

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Thanks, it works on Mint 15![/quote]

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