Ubuntu issues with network stats

I’ve installed WhatPulse 3.4 on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS x64 and everything works fine except network stats. It correctly counts both download and upload, except that it shows 0 KB for unpulsed stats but I was warned about that during installation.

But the issue occurs when I put the laptop to sleep for a longer time. As soon as I wake it up, it shows 80000 TB for both upload and download. I noticed that it shows this data for an interface which is not the one I’m using (ethernet cable) so I tried the option “Reset data for this interface” and as soon as I press this, the WhatPulse closes completely (don’t know if it crashes or this is intentionally) and I have to start it manually. Also it wipes my complete network data, even the pulsed one. I get 0 KB for both download and upload for this machine.

Any way to solve this? It’s frustrating.

Update: I noticed that the issue happens when I’m using VPN from my workplace. The thing worked fine for a few weeks now, but today I’m working from home and I’m using the VPN and my network stats got scrambled again.

I would survive without monitoring the VPN traffic, but can you somehow fix the “Ignore” and “Clear” functions? When I set ignore on that interface, it doesn’t do nothing, it simply doesn’t work. And clearing interface traffic clears my whole stats (even the past one, already pulsed). This is really annoying and should be fixed ASAP.