Trojan found in WhatPulse.exe


My Antivirus (Norton from Symantec) reports an Trojan in the new WhatPulse Update. Whats wrong, am I the only one with this problem?

Scanned with 54 different virus scanners (VirusTotal) and got nothing. This is surely a false positive that should be reported to Symantec/Norton.

Nothing to worry about.

MD5 of installer should be: 555baafdb952586a9daf70ad436bf38f

Sadly confirmed :/. i got the same problem. I hope Symantec gets this rechecked and stuff.

So who will be the first to report it to Symantec?

(Scanned with Norton 360)

I can’t even install it on my Server-Systems. It gets blocked as Trojan :confused: I can’t do the Update at Work, because the Systemadministrator of the Company will get Crazy if he gets an Virus-Report of my Computer. The whole Company uses Symantec.

G Data InternetSecurity reports an virus in whatpulse-after-update.exe. Despite this update seems to be completed correctly.

Virus name from G Data IS: Gen:Variant.Kazy.95887 (Skaner A)

F-Secure PSB Workstation Security is alerting about the same virus: Gen:Variant.Kazy.95887

Symantec and F-Secure should not alert to the client, as I use this to analyse, which includes both Symantec and F-Secure:

Only one that’s missing in that list is Norton, which I recall had false positives with 2.3 or 2.2 as well or something…Reporting another false positive.

Need to see if I can automatically submit false positives to everyone or something, this is crazy.

Symantec here at work just popped up a warning that the installer exe was unfamiliar to it, but I was able to dismiss it, so no problems here.

Based on my last experience, Norton is shockingly overprotective these days.

The alert I got was from whatpulse-after-update.exe file, which I can’t even see in the whatpulse directory after update on my personal laptop.

I also used virustotal just now. Nothing detected. My own personal computers also don’t detect any file associated with whatpulse to be dangerous.