transfering stats from older version of client

Hi, ive been using what pulse for many years and i have 306795 keystrokes since my last reset on my older version of the client. i just updated to the latest today and the email account i have on the old version apparently doesn’t exist on the website.

i was wondering if there was some way to merge these stats so i don’t lose all the keys ive pressed up until now

this is what the old client looks like, im not sure of the version

any help would be appreciated.

I don’t think you can transfer the local keys from the older client to the newer one, but that’s irrelevant. As long as you’ve been pulsing those keys, they should be on the website, and the total keys on the website are what matters, IMO, because the local keys are subject to random data losses, or mistakes like yours (assuming you wouldn’t update if you knew that you’d lose those keys).

If the heatmap is what you care for then in the newer version you have a better view of which keys you use the most, and in time, it’s likely to become proportionally the same as your old heatmap. And even if that’s not the case, you’ve only been using it for 1 month.

yeah, i was more intrested in seeing what my keyboard heat map looked like more than anything. thanks i guess im gonna just have to work my way back up.

Edit: didn’t realize that i reset it so recently… lol