Tracking ENTER?

I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but it seems that WP doesn’t track the ENTER key.

Well, it does, but it doesn’t appear on the keyboard heat-map. It’s always at 0x despite it being recorded.

It looks like it reports as different keycodes on certain systems, so this keycode will be added to the next version.

To be clear; it does not effect your total keycount, just the heatmap.

Perhaps a heatmap of a standardized keyboard (with appropriate keycodes) in the main window would suffice. Unfortunately, not all systems use the same keyboard. As an example, a PC (Windows based) has a 104-key board.

The current heatmap in the main window only shows 73 keys (64 have heat signatures). This doesn’t mean that the other 31 keys are not tracked, it just shows the basic layout. Could this be implemented in a future release?

After reading this I decided to test it out on my end and sure enough the heatmap isn’t working for me either. But I also found something strange. The keycount goes up by 2 whenever I press my enter key. I tried both the main enter key and the one on the numpad.

I also found that the context menu key next to right Ctrl key does not increase key count and isn’t on the heatmap. Also, why aren’t the modifier keys being tracked on the heatmap, as well as both Windows keys and Capslock?

I’m sure we will get a revised heatmap at some point. The new client is, after all, only three days old…

This issue has been solved in the new 2.0.1a.