Total Keycount (Client) and Total Keys (Server Side) not same

I had a blue screen and suddenly an error prompted when I restarted my computer, and now…

Is it possible for a what pulse admin to make my client side the same as my
online number.
Sorry for the bother I am just a bit OCD with my numbers…

If you log out and log back in after pulsing, it should fix it.


Also, the website lags a little bit behind the client even if you pulse regularly, but if you stop pulsing and wait 24 hours, you can see that it does catch up.

Note though that if you uninstall and reinstall Whatpulse, or otherwise have your local statistics database corrupted, the client’s total stats will cease to match those on the website permanently; the client does not download old totals from the website, nor is it meant to. I discovered this after a reinstall and ended up just having to live with it, so if you want to keep those numbers consistent long-term, make sure you keep your database safe!

The website only ‘lags’ if you don’t pulse. When you pulse, it is instantly updated.

The totals inside the will also differ if you have multiple computers where you are running the client, as the totals are really the totals of your account, so all computers added up.

Uhm, I’m not finding this to be true. The website very reliably reflects what my pulsed stats were between 12 and 48 hours earlier, but never outside of this range. This might not be a systemwide issue, but I certainly never see my site stats “instantly updated” as you are referring to.

When you pulse, the stats on the website are instantly updated, that is just a fact. The first reason for this thread was the synchronisation of the account tab totals and the website totals.