Oh my. :open_mouth:

Sides. I was agreeing with ya :smiley:

i’m in love with bob

[quote=X-Kal]Yeaaaah I think this may be my biggest fail yet. :expressionless:

Awesome. Everyone takes the blame for my messup! :o

PF… you know that means it’s your fault too, right? :o[/quote]

i blame the guy that decided to advertise in the thread

Oh my. Oh my indeed. Is there a date set Rachel?

next tuesday

btw i’m going to hold a grudge against you x-kal


Oh my. Am I invited? :smiley:

everyone except you-know-who is invited

Poor you-know-who :frowning:

But on the bright side, there is already 26 posts in this thread…

LMFAO oh son of a bitch I just spewed my soda

[quote=bobL]I’d actually blame vb being a shit forum software and leave it at that.

'cause i hate it.[/quote]

Go Bob.

i kinda saw lord voldy coming by one of you

nice pic btw

That face actually gave me messed up dreams…:<

it turns me on

so much

so sososoos much

[quote=Rachel]i kinda saw lord voldy coming by one of you

nice pic btw[/quote]

well i’m british so it had to come from me really

Chip chip cheerio!

cheerios are a gross cereal don’t even mention them here

i’m claiming this thread as my own

All cereal is gross :confused:

don’t worry rachel century will probably abuse his admin powers and delete this intentionally as soon as your post count hits 150

what does he have against me

sexist bastard

Jealous of the level 80 persuasion skills?