Tons Of Duplicate Pulses

[Whatpulse 2.5/Windows 7, 64-bit]
I’m not sure what caused this, but there have been tons of “duplicate” pulses showing up on my profile.

Basically, autopulse is being triggered and the stats are pulsed to the website, but aren’t reset client-side. See the attached image.

This issue is also happening on my roommate’s account, Shadowspeeder.

I’ve also attached a screenshot from my team’s “latest pulses” page. This problem appears to be affecting at least two other people as well.

Same here, although they all have slightly different keys, clicks, DL and UL, each pulsed 2 minutes apart with 1hr of uptime.


Not really sure what could’ve caused that, as there was nothing up with the services during that time. I’ll have a further look, but in the mean time; if they bother you, you can remove them these days. :wink: