To the WhatPulse Community, let's get this joint rockin a bit more eh ?!

You guys may have noticed that the name of this forum has changed slightly, reason being is we’d like to encourage more of a community driven forum along side the strict SHOP TALK atmosphere of the other forums. A place for users to discuss how they’re just STOMPING the others you know what in friendly competition, or a place for team members (Possible sub-forums ??) to talk about anything and everything that might be on their mind at the time.

I guess what i’m getting at is we want this to be an exclusively laid back place to just be yourselves. Bounce ideas off each other if you want as well, talk about how absolutely shitty your day was, or how you’re just NOT looking forward to seeing your in-laws this up-coming weekend for instance ;p

In closing, let’s try to get a few more asses in the seats and get them to stick around, not to just look around and take in what’s already there, but participate nods

Happy Posting and Pulsing! Imagine the stats we’ll all rack up with all the commotion that I know by now and have absolutely no doubt, that you can make :wink:

-PF / Scott

WP Staff

Great idea. I’d love to see some more community involvement.

I’m going to be stopping in more regularly now that I am out of school.

Hopefully we can get this place into a regular forum.