[THEFROST]'s Intro

Greetings there.

I’ve been a whatpulse user for awhile now. For the past 58 months I guess I’ve just been chucking away at my keyboard and finally decided to actually check out the community. I’m not even sure I remember how I ended up stumbling upon this place, but it’s been amusing to track my progress over the years.

I’ve generally been curious where my place really stands, checking out different teams and gonna start scoping out the forum a bit to see how this place really works.

So, with that said, I’mma cut my intro here and see where things go from here.

Stats as of this post
frostreturns is in 296th place.
58,925,238 keys
clicked 15,764,014 times
and moved his or her mouse for 957.06 miles.
Averaging 0.42 keys and 0.11 clicks per second.
1933 pulses overall.

Welcome to the forums!

And yeah, we’re pretty entertaining on here. Somedays. Depends.


We’re all kinds of entertaining, just wait until I get pinkpibb all spun up!

Hello there!