The operation timed out.

Hi, I have installed WhatPulse, chose ‘I already have an account’, wrote in the login and password, and when I click on the name, after a few seconds I get ‘the operation timed out’ message.

What’s the problem?

That sounds like the server took too long to respond, for some unknown reason. It’s usually just a temporary glitch – I’m guessing it will work if you try again now. If it keeps acting up, post back with more information so we can do whatever we can to help.

What kind of internet connection are you using? DSL? Cable? Etc.
Are you using some kind of router or proxy? Are you connected using VPN?

It’s a little bit something like a semi-public computer, so I don’t really know the details.

I have the same problem.

Hrm… not good.

Okay… would you mind sharing a bit more info? Answering questions like these might help us help you: