The 3 missing keys and the numpad

Hello, I just found your software and it works great! One thing I would like if you could add Print Screen, Scroll Lock and Pali Break (I may said some of them wrong) to the heatmap. The program does count when I press those keys, but it doesn’t show how many times did I press them, because they aren’t on the heatmap. And is there a problem adding in heatmap for the Numpad ? I hope you can improve the software with what I said. :slight_smile:

Anything? Is this forum active at all?? If you don’t want to add it, I’m fine with an aswer saying “I don’t want to implement it”, but there are still no replies here (excluding this).


Sometimes threads get buried for me and I don’t see them. As for your request, those keys are not on the numpad for most keyboards so it doesn’t make sense to put them there. We are working on a nice table view with all the keys though, so you’ll be able to see the key count without having to export your data.

Oh, okay sorry, and thanks for the reply. I do not said that those 3 keys are on the numpad, they are above the arrow keys and the Insert/Home/PgUp keys. I just press the PrintScreen button at least 200 times a day and would like to see exactly how many times did I press it. I would also like if you could add the Enter key to the numpad as I use that a lot as well, and the software doesn’t count those enter presses to the normal Enter key either. That’s all. :slight_smile:

Well, that would be possible with the upcoming table view. :slight_smile:

Okay, thanks! So do I need to close this thread down somehow?

Nope, it’s good.

When are you releasing a new table view fixing the keys?