Teamsite can't be edit


we have edited our team page in the past few days and now the formatting is destroyed and can’t be edited.
The buttons at the buttom don’t work anymore, they are without function (Save, Close).

Here a screenshot from edit mode:

Tested with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Our Teamsite

Need help, can’t edit the teamprofil.

Thanks, problem solve!

Tnx for letting us know what it was, awesome! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

^^ Just j/k!! ;-D

[color=gray]Title: “Middle Finger Animation - Epic3DTime” (hehe :))[/color]

I don’t know.
We have the problem again and another problem with smilies.

Click on our teampage.

How can i fix it?

Sorry for triplepost, but Push!
Our teamsite is in months bugged and no one answer on this post.

Sorry, thought this was fixed already. I’ve filtered the tags that were causing it. I’ll make you a deal; don’t put them in for now and I’ll make the website filter them automatically in a while. :wink:

Ok, I hope the filter comes soon.

I wait for your reply :slight_smile: