Team has no founder/inactive manager

Team: 9300
Account: 184056

The founder of my team is no longer part of the team, and our manager is inactive. I am one of the few active members of our team. More members should join soon, wondering if/how we can get a new team founder and/or manager.

I’m not sure how much I can do to help. There’s still a manager, and he/she is still in the team. But here’s a question for you: only 5 of your team members have pulsed this year. Don’t you think you’d be more successful starting a new team? I understand if you’d like to stick with the current one – I’ve been in your situation before. But… trying to get it restarted might be harder than it’s worth.

But… if there’s any way you can contact the team manager, I’d give that a short first.

I have made an attempt to contact my team manager with no results.

The founder was removed due to cheating, so there is no founder anymore regardless.

The team will start up again. Most likely with all new members. The members of this team were members of a large forum. The community was moved to a new forum, and I am hoping to get new members into this team soon.

So essentially, you want to take over a team with an active user base of 5 members? Do you actually have a leadership position within the website that this team is based on?


Not anymore. I used to be a moderator on the forums, but stepped down because I couldn’t keep up with the work load. Now I am just a regular user.

If a new founder/manager can’t/wont be assigned, that is fine. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

I believe our policy always has been that an administrator or person in position of power within the website has to authorize it and then wasted has to approve it and do the swap for you.


Meh, not worth the effort. The admin there runs it as an absentee dictatorship. Thanks for taking the time, though.