taskbar icon gone


Experience some strange behavior since this week.
The taskbar icon near the clock disapears. After pressing ctrl+alt+del and starting taskmanager I see there is still a process running.
Problem exist on Windows 7 x32 and x64 on loggedin administrator as well as on “normal” users.
Saw the problem also on computer of a collegue so I suppose it’s not username related.

All computers running latest 1.7.1 version
username commentator / userid 164249

Usually if taskbar icons simply disappear, explorer has crashed and not added them back.

Not sure if that’s your problem here but it’s not a bug I’ve heard of with WP since the last release so I’m unable to help further, sorry!

That’s pretty much where I’ve been, too. I’ve been pretty safe just killing the process in task manager & restarting it to get the tray icon to show up again. I can’t promise that you won’t lose keys that way – but I personally haven’t. So I think you should be safe.

As for what’s causing it – as bobL explains, explorer crashing is common. I think I’ve had it happen by other means, but I just can’t remember what they are.