System Tray icon is Broke


Am I the only one having an issue with the notification area (system tray) icon not working.

That is nothing happens when I double click on it or right click its icon.

Happens all the time but a system reboot will fix it of course but then it does not pulse and nothing gets counted. Then it breaks again, totally random it seems.

Running WhatPulse 1.5 Beta 1 and Windows XP SP2. I tried the old client and same issue.

Any ideas?


PS: Clicks and keystrokes are still being counted…

Update: OK I have auto pulse enabled for ever 6 hours. So when it pulses the icon gets “unlocked” and now working fine… But what causes it to be “locked” in the first place is beyond me at the moment… Very strange…

Uncheck WhatPulse Settings > Program Settings > “Refresh tray icon every 3 minutes”

Problem is fixed. Sadly this option comes enabled by default… Ouch!

Crap, I take that back… :frowning: Thought it did, but just broke on me again…

I had the same problem it happened every time I pulsed excessively so now I limit it to once a day or at least I try.hope this helped?

OK, glad to see I’m not alone, pretty annoying bug.