Suspected Cheaters Thread

In order to better facilitate the deletion of cheaters and the clearing of innocent persons, I am locating this thread within this forum and dedicating it to the purpose of handling cheaters.

Please note however, there are a few rules:
1. This is not a discussion thread. Please do not discuss cheaters.
2. Please follow the appropriate format, which is located below.
3. Do not use this for spam purposes or to report someone who is obviously not cheating.

User ID: (Insert user id)
Username: (Insert username)
Reason: (Reason you think they’re cheating)
Link: (Insert a link to their user profile, if you have enough posts to do so.)

User ID: 106529
Username: Century0
Reason: He’s a staff member and therefore cannot possibly have legit pulses.

In addition, you may also email me at my WhatPulse email (my user name (at) and I will happily respond back to you if you feel like I have not responded to your cheat report in a timely manner. Once a cheating report has been investigated, the post will be deleted.

Thank you,

User ID: 1288808
Username: alan23394
Reason: 121 million clicks per month, 39 clicks per second - wat?

Speaking of which…

User ID: 393373
Username: meganat63
31 million clicks in 4 days on 25/1/17
25 million clicks in 2 days on 15/7/16
5.6 million clicks in 22 hours on 25/6/16


User ID: 299414
Username: karaeska
Reason: 1. Does not live in Aruba. 2. 53 milion clicks, 77 GB down. Every pulse (50.000 click) 50.000 clicks 0 mb down/up. And its is just not possible for someone in Aruba to have 53 milion keys
User ID: 187156
Username: fins200
Reason: 1 milion gb down in two years.

[quote=“Mitone, post:4, topic:10512”]
User ID: 299414
Username: karaeska
Reason: 1. Does not live in Aruba. 2. 53 milion clicks, 77 GB down. Every pulse (50.000 click) 50.000 clicks 0 mb down/up. And its is just not possible for someone in Aruba to have 53 milion keys

I’m fairly sure there’s no rule requiring you to list your country accurately. As for the 0MB totals, you can turn those off, so it’s not inherently suspicious.

That’s 1,000GB, not a million.

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User ID: 539138
Username: apsdx6
Reason: A very large number of extremely implausible pulses, most recently a 7.2 million key and 10 million click pulse on 2019-04-13 11:56, in under 12 days (in excess of 600k keys and 830k clicks a day).

User ID: 1330733
Username: raskolnikov
Reason: Very blatant cheating, >10kps and >10cps since account creation, as well as a constant 1GB/minute upload and download on multiple different computers for six months straight. The “User-PC” account particularly almost exclusively pulses with near-exact keys and clicks stats, signifying a script that clicks and then presses a key ten times a second non-stop.

I reported him about a week after he/she registered this account… My post has been deleted and no action has been taken. Not the first time this person has cheated . He/she just sets up another account after the previous one has been deleted.


Somehow raskolnikov and GoldBerg56 are still up even after being reported so many times, with raskolnikov being extremely blatant and passing everyone soon with his 10 kps and 10 cps.

raskolnikov is now in the top three of four different leaderboards, despite blatant cheating that has been reported multiple times over more than half a year.

User ID: 1348277
Username: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Reason: This user registered a month ago and has over 200 million keys. Their recent pulse history shows some pulses of 20 million keys in a span of four or five days.

User ID: (Insert user id)
Username: Goldberg56
Reason: Up time is less than a minutes but keypress and clicks are insanly high.

Don’t know if he’s cheating or not but recording your uptime is optional.


User ID: Unknown
Username: icaro96
Reason: No way the computer has been online 68 years nor he has downloaded 6,67 PB. World ranking #2 has only 2,something.

User ID: 1281327
Name: Suxhe
Reason: 16 million keys in 1 day of uptime and other such pulses. Blatant cheater.

icaro96 also has 600 million clicks at this point which is hilarious

This guy has already got 200 million more keys in 2 months since I reported him and has already passed me lmao. He is currently sitting at 382.4 million. He has also hidden his pulses since the report.

Fortunately the pulse-hiding system is totally broken. Here’s his last few:

2.5 million in 4 hours on the 18th, 15 million in two days on the 10th, 68 million in 7 days on the 27th…

There is no doubt he is a hacker. How are they hacking? Are they using software that mimics keystrokes? Is there a machine that presses keys?

User ID: 1324090
Name: lovesan
Reason: Has hidden stats but he’s blatantly cheating from the keys per second and how quickly he rose on the leaderboard

Also Suxhe is still not banned.

User ID: 141607
Name: Mudduck
Reason: Not blatant but definitely very suspicious, pulses 200,000 keys consistently every day, sometimes two pulses of 200k keys in one day, the second pulse having 2 hours of uptime. The pulses have no application data either and he doesn’t seem to play rhythm games at a high level, so the only explanations would be keyboard mashing for hours or cheating.

Link: Mudduck | WhatPulse