Support NEO2 heatmap

Please add NEO2 as new Layout.

I have posted a comment in Google + (NEO2 Community) for WhatPulse, and now i see, it doesn’t support neo2. :-/

Please add as far as possible.:rolleyes:

Thanks a lot.

Here some info About this Layout:

Hello? Is this support Forum still active?

Keyboard layouts are added when there are many requests for a certain one…for this one, you’re the first - and to be honest, I’ve never heard of this layout, so I’m not sure if there are other people who want this.

I would like to see the Neo layout supported, as Neoling myself.

Neo is included in every Linux distribution, so there is quite a bit usage of it.

So I don’t really understand, why you are not create a inferface, so that each user (or community) could create maps for your software.

Why don’t you want to create such a keyboard-layout. Is it too much work? What to do? Maybe send the needed Files with some instructions and we do it on our own and send you the result.

K, seems to ride a dead horse here!
It’s a pitty. Was glad that i found such a nice software to see keystrokes.

The dead horse being the neo2 layout? :wink:

The current layouts are simply not in a template. If it was, you would be able to create your own layouts. I’m thinking about making it into a template, as a lot of different and very strange layout requests keep coming in. About 30 or so which just 1 or 2 requests (Neo2 currently being at 2 requests, which is you guys).

But, it can not be done at this point.