Support for Linux dropped ?

In the Downloads page there used to be three icons, now the Linux Based one is just an empty spot.

Does that mean linux based systems will no longer be supported ? Based on the various issues that haven’t been answered in the later half of 2019, it looks like that’s what is happening.

The download link for linux distributions is still available, but AFAIK only when going at the Home page with default redirection (Mixed doesn’t redirect to the correct paragraph, since it gives a link only to the Downloads page which doesn’t mention linux).

The question i’m asking to the support in this thread is ; Is linux support dropped ? If no, then I hope you can figure out the latest issues even as to provide basic features like main stats tracking.

Yes, the download for the Linux client has been removed for now. Due to several changes in several distros, the client is unable to run on ~80% of the systems of people who try it. A few volunteers have stepped up to see about getting it running universally on every/most distros, but that will take a while. In the mean time, there’s not much we can do.

That’s really sad. What about a flatpak or a snap package?

Hopefully that’s in the cards. An super simple install on linux would be fantastic!

Itś downloadeble again!

Really ? I don’t see it …

Seeing from other posts, they are working on it, which i find very encouraging! Months of data lost already … :smiley:

Was waiting for Ubuntu 20.04 to upgrade my PC and when Kubuntu finally dropped yesterday, I installed the new SSD and went with it. Sadly I wasn’t able to get the dependencies yet.
It made me thing though, if it might be possible to get it running via docker, but my docker-fu might be well too humble for that.
I guess network monitoring will not work, but “going classic” with keys and clicks at least?
Might try tonight with copying over the old ".so"s from the old SSD where I ran Xubuntu 18.04.

wish me luck! :slight_smile:

docker doesn’t seem like a good idea at first (how to get the stats?), but if you have a trick that’s interesting! good luck to you :slight_smile:

Didn’t try the docker approach, came as far as the missing AES functions error message with copying old versions of QT libs over to the new system, into a separate directory and setting a lib-path system variable just for whatpulse to that directory…

I’m about to retire my MacBook for a new Linux system, so I’ll be looking forward to seeing the return. I’ll gladly do what I can to help get Linux support up and running again. Flatpak/AppImage I feel will be the best way to handle it, as it sounds like you’re having dependency issues more than anything

Any news about this issue? :frowning:

Not from my side sadly, I mounted the whole partition of my old xubuntu 18.04 and pointed the library path there, no luck starting it. Missing a bit of the necessary Dev-Skills there to debug further.

It almost works with Wine, but with the huge issue that it only logs keystrokes when the main window is focused…

A somehow working solution, using xinput, some python script & xdotool, is to grab all keyboard input, and send it to the WhatPulse window. It’s not without flaws : keeping a key pressed sends hundreds of keys, which could be considered as cheating. I need to find a workaround.

But as a proof of concept, with a little bit of work, we could get it working.

I hope they move on to QT5, because QT4 is dropped in ubuntu 20.04 (I’m using xubuntu)

LeCastor2001, your approach seems interesting! Maybe there is a way to filter the events in order to avoid getting spam ?

Just put up an appimage to solve library hell

Any solutions for an ubuntu 20.04 ? Just upgraded to that

Since whatpulse is currently the only thing holding me back from updating all my linux machines to kubuntu/xubuntu 20.04 (and upgrading the desktop to a nice and shiny NVMe along the way), I’m slowly turning away… although I’m a member forever now and pretty high ranked in most categories… :frowning:

To me it’s not only that I won’t be able to run it on linux anymore, it’s also about that it crashes quite regularly out of the blue, 2.8.4 doesn’t count uptime when the screen is locked, which is mandatory at work for even just going to the next room to fetch a coffee. I have to speed-limit myself to make the network stats count as it stops counting them above ca. 22MB/sec and using docker for programming (which is main job, side job AND hobby), causes it to lock up the whole machine for about half an hour every other day (as if the modern Electron apps aren’t evil enough) :frowning:

I’ll give it a few more weeks, but latest when a project will require me to switch to 20.04, I guess I’m out, even with the windows machines. Wouldn’t make sense to only track the occasional game session and the netflix pc.

The only reason I’m still running whatpulse on my windows computer is because i am tracking my stats for osu! and other rhythm games … Now that it’s been a year since I can’t use it on my laptop, the other stats don’t mean much. Anytime to put it back will be good, but it’s losing more and more value.

I wish I had the skills to help get Whatpulse running on more recent linux systems. I’ve almost completely transitioned to linux on my computers, and it bums me out not being able to run Whatpulse anymore. Basically the only machine I still use it on is my work laptop.