Support for high contrast themes on Windows

For a while I’ve been using a dark high contrast theme, because looking at a black background with white font is so relieving for the eye. However whatpulse seems to keep its own color scheme even during high contrast theme, and that’d be fine, except that it also uses some of the high contrast color schemes, and you can’t see whether checkboxes are checked or not, and some things are difficult to read.

Pictures to demonstrate: - some of them are checked but you can’t tell - the white background lines use white font, making it slightly difficult to read and it looks odd

Those things happen in other tabs as well, but it would be redundant to take pics of all the tabs.
I’m using Windows 7 x64 bit.

The next beta will have fixed colors for the inputs that are now reliant on the system theme. It won’t look too different, but they will stay the same even if you make use of a custom theme.

Cool, thanks man.