suggestion according scrolling.

Hello everyone.

I think maybe it’s an idea to count the miles/kilometers you’ve scrolled so far. What do you think?


Hmm… I think this has been suggested before. It’s definitely an interesting idea, but I’m not entirely sure how we’d get this done. It’s definitely worth consideration, though.

Well a lot of mices have a scrollbutton which you can hold. The event (which is used to determine whether a button is pressed atm or not) is triggered more than once, so you could just hold that button and get like 5 clicks a sec.

The distance scrolled can’t be measured in kilometres since most mousewheels have a different radius. It could be argued that there is some kind of standard radius. However for notebooks touchpad scrollthing it wouldn’t work.

Could you not just disable it for ‘touchpads’ then? (If that’s what it’s called)? But you are right, most mouse wheels are different sizes, the one on my mouse at the moment is tiny. Is there no way around this, I think it’s a really good idea.

A couple of projects similar to Whatpulse have already implemented a Scroll Wheel count. I’ve no idea how its done but one project measures the small clicks you can feel when you slowly turn the wheel. The other one counts each revolution the mouse wheel takes. I don’t know if each mouse wheel has the same number of clicks per revolution, would be good if they did:)


The amount of variables - in both hardware and software - It really makes it seem not worth the effort.