stored keycount and clickcount mishap


I have been using WhatPulse for many years now and I have recently upgraded to 2.0. When I upgraded, I signed into the program with my username and password set to be saved. I used the program for a few days and when I went to pulse my keys and clicks it asked me to log in once again. I assumed I was already signed in and had 100000 keys and 200000 clicks waiting to be pulsed. After I logged in, the client did not pulse these keys and clicks, but instead set my current keys and clicks to zero (while showing the 100000 and 200000 keys and clicks respectively in the overview window following the “Total keycount:” and “Total clickcount:” headers).

Could you please aid me in finding a solution to pulse these stored numbers? I feel at a loss to have all these keys and clicks not properly uploaded to my WhatPulse account.

The program did not ask me to log in over the few days since I had upgraded, but had still recorded all the strokes.

Thank you for you time and effort!

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Are you saying that you had 2.0 running in the background for a few days, accumulating stats. You then checked it after a few days and noticed it wanted to login again?

If so, there’s not much there can be done. There was a bug in 2.0 (checkout 2.0.1) which could lead to a logout if your system crashed. When you login, the unpulsed stats are wiped.

Yes that is correct. Over the few days it recorded the stats but did not prompt to log-in to my account again.

It shows all the keys and clicks accumulated but is not appending them to my account. As you can see in the second and third images the discrepancy between the total amount of stats recorded from the 27 to the 31 and the stats in the pulses to my account.

I’m having the same problem but with restarts instead of crashing. It doesn’t happen every time I restart my computer. I’ll checkout that update mentioned above.