Stopped tracking keys properly

I know, I know, windows 7 isn’t properly supported but as this is going to be a mainstream OS soon I thought I’d report it anyway.

If you look at my profile you can clearly see that recently I’ve been pulsing only about 20k a day, when normally I pulse over 50k a day. This has happened since I switched to windows 7, you can also clearly see some pulses are tracking 0 mouse clicks, which obviously I am making.

The problem is definitely limited to windows 7, I’m running and it doesn’t prompt me with any updates, so that’s not the problem. The keys are definitely happening, so that’s not it and whatpulse is tracking keys SOMETIMES, but I have to restart it once it stops.

Is this a known problem? I’d like to get this fixed, I’m not that bothered about tracking the keys/clicks, but I do enjoy having it and I’d hope that I can get a good rank, but I think I’ve lost a good few hundred k because of this and it’s quite annoying.

I’m not sure exactly how whatpulse works, but I’m using the same drivers that I’ve always used and it worked perfectly on vista/xp.

Try either re-installing Whatpulse (although I doubt that will fix anything) or run the program with admin privileges, that will most likely fix it ~ at least it fixed any issues I had when running it under Win 7.

~ Chris

windows xp → was running fine
windows 7 beta → stoped counting sometimes.
windows 7 RC1 → stoped counting sometimes and wasnt counting after a system start.
windows 7 RTM → horrible.

i never got any problems with it in windows xp.

in windows 7 i tryed many to get it running. i disabled UAC, its running elevated, it got the permission to to what it want.

its just not working anymore for me. (after a cpu usage peak and other reasons)

i dont even understand why the response to this problem get avoided with answers like: “reinstall it :o that will work…” basicly NO… the installation its NOT the reason.

it IS a problem. i can sense already lots of windows 7 using users, registring here in this forum to tell us the same issue again and again.

  1. Sometimes reinstalling does fix certain issues.
  2. There are two developers, I don’t have access to Windows 7 yet and I’m not sure if wasted does, thus we can’t test it on Windows 7.
  3. Windows 7 isn’t even officially released yet so why should we officially support it?
  4. Some people have less problems on Windows 7 RTM than on the betas.
  5. We know it’s a problem and when we CAN fix it, we will fix it.
  6. Running as Administrative mode has fixed all Windows 7 problems for almost everyone, maybe you’re not doing it right.

thanks bobL for that response.
you are right. if not a single dev got windows 7, then it could not get fixed.

i tryed out another keylogger.
finaly this[quote]Version: 0.26
Submitted Date: 2005/1/6[/quote]keeps counting while whatpulse stops.

just to inform you about that.

Have you tried #6 in my previous post?


the mouse movement is the only thing that get counted permanently.
the key logger in whatpulse [color=Red]is freezing after a CPU Peak[/color]. (my CPU does not support multi threading btw.)
as you can see… both stats windows show different stats for the same time periode.

what i tryed to get whatpulse running well:

  • i disabled kaspersky
  • i disabled UAC
  • i changed the Windows 7 versions and did a complete wipes of my whatpulse folders in %appdata% and program files.
  • i changed the process priority
  • i was running whatpulse elevated
  • i was running whatpulse in compatiblity mode (windows xp and vista)
  • i did many else…

don’t you think i’m a bit bored because i reseaved only simple answers?
basicly till your last posts, i don’t got the knowledge that windows 7 is currently not in use on a developers machine.

this is like a déjà-vu… i told everything inside this post, inside the last months, already in another thread.

before i forget…

[quote]3) Windows 7 isn’t even officially released yet so why should we officially support it?[/quote]because i use the RTM and the RTM is the version you will get in october in any shop…

RTM = Release to Manufacturing.
so it IS released

  • for developers of big studios since it’s RTM
  • for payers in october. (basicly they made currently DVD’s with the RTM on it)

I just registered into this forum because I read some things that annoyed me like the all time “reinstall should fix it”-thing → no! Im using whatpulse since years, before whatpulse I was member in project dolphin. I never had any problems with whatpulse, since im using Windows 7.

[quote=bobL]1) Sometimes reinstalling does fix certain issues.

→ No

  1. Windows 7 isn’t even officially released yet so why should we officially support it?

→ It is! Technet and over MSDNAA…

  1. Running as Administrative mode has fixed all Windows 7 problems for almost everyone, maybe you’re not doing it right.

→ not working aswell[/quote]

interesting… since months i thought that just in some time more and more guys will register here related to this issue.
now its proved for me :o

i really dont want to offend any developer who is involved into this project, because offending is stupid.

i just care that in future some guys maybe get angry and show that in forum posts. we all dont like anoying posts.

basicly i loosed now many keys and clicks due to this issue. this 3rd party plugin shows me now around 700k and whatpulse logged below 100k. it is clearly a issue that needs to get fixed.

btw… this 3rd party plugin is not running in admin mode and is still working.
its from 2005…
it wont check for cheating…
but it works and the dev maybe never have made this for vista.

so what could create this issue?
the way it gets the keycount?
the way it checks for cheating?
basicly i dont know anything without a line of sourcecode; but i wont beliefe that at least one developer here is able to fix this.

We only have two developers who work on the Windows edition of this project. They are wasted and bobL. wasted is the head developer, but most development is done by bobL. Until the developers and admins decide that time has come to support Windows 7, we will not be supporting issues concerning it. I am sorry that it has came to the point that I have had to intervene, but this is turning into a heated debate on whether or not Windows 7 should be supported.

My decision at this time is that until I can buy it in a department store, it is not a supported or soon to be supported operating system. This means that official development on Windows 7 will perhaps begin 1NOV09, as the release date is 22OCT09.

Thank you. This thread is hereby closed due to its derailing.