Still having problems...

Both at home and at work (where I had never logged onto the WhatPulse website before), I am getting an error message whenever I want to get past the regular homepage. [ERROR]: Session IP Security failed. Logged attempt from <...**>.

What can I do to prevent this?

[COLOR=Red]IP address removed for security reasons

~ X-Kal[/COLOR]

I must learn to read. You need to make sure your router/ISP doesn’t change your IP.

BTW, remove your IP, or at least, some digits of it. It’s irrelevant and can be used for bad things. >>> THX X-Kal

I believe that there are security measures in place that doesn’t allow you to change IP addresses mid-session, especially where you’re trying to register an account. I’m not sure about the specifics though, so wasted might be the one that can answer this.

This has been on two different computers, cross town, that it has happened. I don’t get it.

However, wait for wasted, I will. :slight_smile:

Those two different computers can both have the same thing, which doesn’t like :wink:

People used to exploit their freedom to determine what their profile shows, and hijacked sessions with it. This is why you are only allowed to use one IP adres per session. I’ll add something this weekend that clears your entire session, so it doesn’t remember something after giving that error.

Thank you very much, wasted! Greatly appreciated!

Cursed, I am. :frowning: Still having troubles.

Get a good guide and check whether your IP adress is static or not…

I’ve found out that my IP is static. Anything I can do to fix this?

I wonder if clearing the cache & whatpulse cookies would do anything. See, this is something I’ve never encountered, so it’s hard for me to diagnose. That, and I don’t have access to the server’s inner workings :stuck_out_tongue:

Fixing having a static IP is not possible. Most likely only by changing your ISP.

  • What Operating System are you using?

  • What Browser?

  • How are you connected to the internet?
    directly per MoDem or Broadband from your machine (direct connection)
    Software-Router (like Kerio or Fli4ll)
    Company Network
    is a proxy-server involved?

  • Do you use a FireWall-Software like Norton Internet Security?

  • Do you use a Software like Norton AntiVirus?

The last two (Norton) are known to aggressively modify the sourcecode of webpaces and thereby destroying some of the functionality (especially when it comes to JavaScript, Cookies and Forms). Some other Programs do this too but I forgot their names. I encounter that problem several times a year when webpages “don’t work” correctly at my client’s PCs even if I’ve tested them on any Browser and OS - combination possible.

Some software and hardware routers are using a feature called “transparent proxy”. This means acting like a normal NAT-Router (direct access to the internet for many computers behind a single dialup-line) to all the computers but silently caching the content of the pages the users surf on. This could also produce the problem you are encountering since unique IDs get used multiple times this way.

It’s actually on two different computers. Any of the ones at work and my own computer at home.

Windows XP for both of them.

IE for work, Firefox/IE/Avant for home.

Company network for work, cable modem for home.

Yes, both have Norton.

It works sometimes, and other times it seems to barely let me in.

[quote=BookMasterJMV]Yes, both have Norton.

It works sometimes, and other times it seems to barely let me in.[/quote]

can you try disabling norton for certain websites?
I don’t have norton and won’t install it ('cause I hate that cr*p), so I can’t tell you if that’s possible or not.
But every time one of my customers had such a problem, it could be solved by simply switching norton off. So maybe you could try to disable Norton temporarily to see if it happens then. But maybe it can’t be disabled completely. Might be a bit sticky…

Hmm, I’m no expert at this, but wouldn’t using a proxy server solve your problem?

I’m 90% sure that the problem is some sort of caching, modification and/or cookie issue.
These are problems which come with proxies, so a proxy would rather cause the problem than solve it.

let it discharge :slight_smile:

Still lost. XD

This has been going on, obviously for a good four months if not longer.

I’m going to bump this thread. I haven’t personally found anything on it yet, though… but wasted, did you set the server to clear expired sessions yet? I’d like to rule that out as a factor if that’s possible.

Aha! I have found the reason!

Google Web Accelerator was blocking it, for some unknown reason or such. So now I don’t get the message!