Steadily using more and more memory


I’m running WhatPulse on a Linux 64x (Debian 7) and I’ve experienced that it is gradually using more and more memory.
When first started it uses around 55MB, but after a couple of days I’m now at 68MB.
Earlier I had it running for a month and it was around 128MB of RAM.
I can easily “solve” it by restarting the program.
This computer (server) is on 24/7 and it’s a tad annoying that I have to keep track of the memory usage of WhatPulse :slight_smile:

Side-problem / -question:
I’m only connected to my server via VNC and Putty (SSH).
Is it not possible for WhatPulse to register any of the keys or clicks via these?
If that should be possible, I have another issue:
these are not registered at all) :stuck_out_tongue:

Linux has some issues with the bandwidth tracking, turn that off and it’ll stay low.

And as for the remote session; no. WhatPulse is designed for desktops and physical attached input devices. The client won’t detect remote sessions and in some cases detect it and block input coming from it.