Statistics per Day


  1. Does the premium version of Whatpulse track how many clicks/keys typed per day AND list them in a way so I can easily put that into Excel?

  2. Does Whatpulse track how m any keys on what day, every day for quite a while even if I am not premium? In other words, if I become premium today, will the graph showing how many keys typed each day for all of last week be zero?

I want to be able to track, store, and graph my keys/clicks per day (and over months/years, but that’s on Excels end exclusively) by using Excel. (Whoa, if there was an Excel link function, I’d totally go premium! And I don’t usually pay for stuff either. :wink: )

Thank you!

The client tracks the keys/clicks per day, regardless premium or not. There’s currently no ‘Export to csv’ - but there will be.