Statistics: Last Pulsed And Concerns...

A lot of people have not pulsed in a while. On the stats pages, would it be possible to limit the last pulse to within the last 3 months (as an example)? Would it also be possible to eliminate those users who have not pulsed in over a year (some have not pulsed in 2+ years, again as an example)? Those users may not be aware that the client has changed, or they are aware and are collecting mass amounts of stats and not sending them.

The point is that a stagnant user may be circumventing the system or cheating it. Can a system be put in place on the website to prevent that? The examples above could work if implemented properly.

Users that don’t pulse for 2 years are expired. If we were to exclude everyone that has not pulsed every 3 months, the rankings would be way too dynamic, as there are a lot of people that have large periods of inactivity to save up for big pulses.

So I really don’t see how this would benefit the lists, besides probably putting you in a higher rank. :wink:

I wasn’t sure of the policy, so that’s why I brought it up… How often do you check the lists?

The lists are managed by automated systems and by our staff members.