Hey guys, in the continuing adventures of spreading whatpulse to the masses, i’ve started a SpreadWhatPulse group on myspace, so join up guys!!

Even if you don’t frequent MySpace or a casual surfer just join the group to help inflate our numbers!!!

Let’s start spreading the word!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I would if I had a MySpace account D:

Same here :stuck_out_tongue:

And for anyone who is active on deviantART, take a look at http://whatpulse.deviantart.com/ and help spread the word there :)!

It’s very easy to start a myspace account, I would recommend just starting one to help out, if you can that is.

You guys have any other suggestions on how to spread Whatpulse other than on myspace? I have told a lot of people about it but they think its a keylogger or something after seeing that it counts keys. Stupid people.

When I tell them what WhatPulse is, they say that it has no need and it’s useless, so they not joining… :confused:
They don’t see how much fun this is xD

Yeah, my friends are just the same as Pimorez.
I’ve got 4-5 friends to join and pulse for a while (a couple million keys) along the years, but all of them have quit pulsing now.