Specific program not being recorded?

Not sure to ask this for the client or website.

A specific program (Borderlands 2) is being counted in the Whatpulse program, but not being properly recorded on my stats page.

I have been getting roughly 10k keys within that program -as recorded in Whatpulse itself- but according to the website I only have about 2k total.

Is this an issues on my end?

I have the same issue with the Minecraft program, which I’m assuming is called “Java Platform SE binary”. It’s been stuck at ~2k keys for half an year, almost since I started recording application stats.


I have the same problem but with another program: “Altium Designer” I have some stats in local but nothing on-line. The process name il “dxp.exe” any ideas?

I’ve had similar issues in the past. Deleting my database fixed the issues, due to a slight corruption with some of the application data in the database.

For me I have issues with the VoIP program Mumble not recording keys or clicks unless you have Mumble open before you start Whatpulse. Alternatively it works if you have both open and just close Whatpulse and restart it. I find that kinda weird.