Special keys won't get tracked

I do have 5 special keys: play/pause, vol-, vol+, mute and a calc.exe key. They are not tracked in 2.0 but were correctly counted in 1.7.1

so, what now? I want them correctly tracked as well. The Windows key gets tracked as it should, but what’s with the others? they are keys as well and I do use them quite often.

It’s also not tracking the command key on macs. There’s an eject key that it’s probably not tracking either, but I don’t really use that one, so it’s not as much of a problem…

Edit: It IS tracking key presses of the command key, but it’s not in the breakdown in the main window. I guess a side effect of making sure the window is exactly the same for every platform.

My special keys are not tracked. I can press them a thousand times but the counter won’t go up.

Anybody interested in solving this issue? I want my extra keys counted like they’ve got before on the old version.