[SOLVED] Your week on whatpulse key count is wrong

The “Your week on WhatPulse” mail key count is not right.
In a week i have around the 80k keys. But the mail last week says 225k and the mail of today says 312k.
Both weeks i have around the 80k instead of 225k or 312k.

All the stats are wrong here, like they’re accumulating multiple weeks or something. Nobody I’m following is on today’s email either, even though I know they’ve pulsed this week.

I’ve noticed this too. 1w3d+ of uptime in a week, naaaah :slight_smile:

There is definitely something wrong with the stats indeed.

It accumulated last 3 weeks for me.

Someone needs to look into this I guess. I like these weekly emails :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked them too but since they don’t include the people i follow anymore they kind of lost their value for me.

You’re right, the weekly updates have been kind of a mess the last 2 weeks. The procedure was not coping with the exponential growth it was seeing, so I have been tweaking it to cope.

That resulted in a bug last week which did not include your friends last week. Which I fixed, but then forgot to apply to the production side…not a smart move. :wink:

The accumulation was due to the lack of updating the weekly stats, which was also caused by the growth it was coping with.

I’m pretty confident that the changes I made yesterday is going to present the update next weekly as it should be. The updates have run in a timely fashion, so the next time it runs it will have the proper stats and the presentation should be right.

Am i the only one that didn’t get the last week’s Weekly update? usually it shows up by Friday, but haven’t received anything yet.

You’re not the only one.

This week it thinks I haven’t pulsed at all, although it is showing the rank increases based on all the pulses I did make.

Mine have been wrong for the last couple of weeks too, and like Bloopy, it now says that I haven’t pulsed at all :slight_smile:

You haven’t pulsed this week, so no stat changes. ← Same here pulsed every day!

same here

Thanks for the correction!

Check your mailbox between now and 3 hours: https://twitter.com/whatpulse/status/492765663011016704

Recieved, all seems well and correct now :slight_smile: