[SOLVED] [WP 2.4] Enter a value between 1000 and ...

Looks 1000-1023 are not between 1000 and xxx.

Did someone Switch to binary system? (1024) ^^

I was gonna say that I wasn’t sure what you’re referring too, but I just found out that you’re talking about the keys/clicks…

Looks like the validator was copied from the download/upload. I’ll fix that in the next release. Thanks!

Haven’t heard anyone complaining though, as most people don’t put them that low. :wink:

I ignored it :confused:

Bug still in V2.5

Workaround is to set the number uncheck auto pulse and recheck it again. Works for lower numbers like 10 aswel.

The text now says 1024, which it was intended to be. What bug are you referring to?

@tim95 - thanks, I’ll be sure to fix that one. :slight_smile:

@Megachip: never mind, was looking in the wrong place (whats new ;-)). I got it for the next release now though. :wink:

THX, that works :wink:
But sure, another (unwanted) bug :wink:
But nice for getting my .000 back in keystats